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Ukraine in flames

On February 24th, 2022 Ukraine was brutally invaded by Russia, leading to catastrophic results. Entire cities have been wiped out, thousands have been killed and millions have been forced to leave their homes. The entire country is under siege and the unceasing attacks result in continuous fires. At the moment, there is a devastating lack of first responders and equipment to help fight the fires.


Emergency Services of Ukraine (fire)

In the first 6 weeks since the war:

45 buildings damaged
19 fire and rescue
units captured​

As a result of the attacks:

28 first responders have died

68 have been injured

3 first responders were captured
as prisoners of war

Losses of equipment:

71 units/vehicles destroyed
221 units captured

There are only 146 fire departments operating on the entirety of the occupied territory and huge losses have been endured. Any support at this moment is greatly valued and will be truly impactful.

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