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Board of Directors

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Dennis Kutsin

Founder, CEO

Dennis has over 8 years of emergency service experience.  From firefighting with a background as a rescue and hazmat technician to incident management training. He also has a diploma in international security studies. This project is close to his heart because his parents are immigrants from Ukraine and still having family living in Kyiv.

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Tess Anderson

Art Director


Michael Sweeney

Board Member

Michael has an MBA from Cornell University and a BA from Boston College. After working on Wall Street for over 20 years Michael  became a Bridge Builder for the Autism Community. As a parent of a son with Autism, Mike is very active in a number of Autism causes and charities. He also volunteers as a Blue and Gold Officer for the United States Naval Academy's Office of Admissions covering Manhattan and Queens.


Tatiana Ross

Board Member

As a member of BNYM’s Risk Management Team, Tatiana is responsible for analyzing financial institutions including insurance companies, asset managers, and funds. Tatiana’s career path as a senior analyst and credit relationship manager spans many global names in the financial sector including Barclays, Credit Agricole, and HSBC.


Tatiana joined BNYM in 2014 with an extensive experience in credit and counter party analysis. In the past two years, Tatiana has been involved in developing a risk framework to integrate an ESG lens into the way the company operates and implement plans to address those ESG-related risks and opportunities. 


Tatiana holds an MBA from Fordham University and a BS in Food and Science from the Trade Finance College in St. Petersburg, Russia. 

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